Package com.mebigfatguy.pixelle

Interface Summary
PixelleExpr an interface that dynamically generated classes must implement to evaluate pixel component values.

Class Summary
FrameMgr manages the set of open windows
Pixelle the main class of the program
PixelleBundle manages the resource bundle using in the program
PixelleClassLoader a dynamic class loader for holding generated pixel evaluation classes that are derived from PixelleEval.
PixelleEval an abstract class for evaluation pixels in arbitrary images by enforcing a template pattern that derived classes implement per image format.
PixelleEvalFactory factory for creating pixel evaluation instances based on the type of image that is input.
PixelleImage a representation of an image to manipulate.
PixelleTransformer transforms one bitmap into another based on the algorithms defined by the user.

Enum Summary
ColorOutOfBoundsOption an enum that represents what to do when a color specified is outside the color space of 0 - 255
ImageType an enum that represents what type of output image to generate
IndexOutOfBoundsOption an enum that represents what to do when an index specified is outside the coordinates of the source bitmap.
PixelleComponent an enum that represents a part of an rgb bitmap

Exception Summary

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